Nanomechanics of MEMS and Thin Films

We have developed novel tools for nanometer scale mechanical measurements on thin films that benefit from the utlra-high resolution of Atomic Force Microscopes compared to other microscopy tools:

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AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) in conjunction with DIC (Digital Image Correlation) are used to obtain fields of deformation. The measurement scales are defined by the underlying substructure (grain size) of the thin film. These measurements are to be extended to non uniform geometries such as stress concentrations and cracks. The following images obtained via AFM illustrate a typical topography of polysilicon films at micron scales.

A 10 micron wide microtension specimen is tested in situ under an AFM. The AFM probe is used to image the surface of the specimen while axial tensile load is applied on its grips on the plane of this image.

The evolution of the local displacement field under axial loading is shown below.

Displacement field as obtained via AFM/DIC. Note: the displacement resolution is ~ 1-2 nm
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