Group Members






Research Director

Professor Ioannis Chasiotis (more...)
Caterpillar Professor in Aerospace Engineering
Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies in AE


Current Graduate Students

Kathiresan Karunakaran (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D.)

Hyeongju Lee (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D.)

Rishik Keshari (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D.)

Oluwadara Moronkeji (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D.)

Sean Lee (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D.)


Group Alumni

Dr. Debashish Das (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. 2017, post-doctoral researcher, 2018-2021), Faculty at Indian Institute of Science

Dr. Kuo-Kang Hung (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. 2021) Lam Research

Dr. Fan Yang (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. 2020), Corporate Engineer

Dr. Korhan Sahin (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. 2017), Turkish Aerospace Industries

Dr. Dimitrios Antartis (Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2012, Ph.D. 2017), Intel Corporation

Julia Liu (Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2016), Materials Researcher

Ryan Mott (Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2015), Boeing Company

Dr. Pavan Kolluru (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. 2014), Faculty at Texas A&M University

Dr. Tanil Ozkan (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. 2014), Dover Precision Components

Dr. Sivakumar Naga Yagnamurthy (Aerospace Engineering, M.S., 2009, Ph.D. 2013), Apple

Jan Clawson (Aerospace Engineering, M.S., 2013), Made in Space, Inc.

Dr. Nikhil Karanjgaokar (MechSE, Ph.D. 2012), Faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Ankit Verma (Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2012), University of Illinois

Nicholas Fasanella (Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2012), Northrop Grumman

David Groysman (MechSE, M.S. 2010), Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Salman Noshear Arshad (Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2010), Faculty at Lahore University of Management Sciences

Dr. Qi Chen (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D., 2009), Broome Street Academy

Dr. Mohammad Naraghi (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D., 2009), Faculty at Texas A&M University

Tanil Ozkan (MechSE, M.S. 2009), Dover Precision Components

Dr. Krishna Jonnalagadda (Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D., 2008), Faculty at IIT Bombay

Dr. Sungwoo Cho (UVa, Materials Science, Ph.D., 2008), Samsung, South Korea

Amanda McCarty (UVa, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, M.S. 2005)


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