AFM-based Mechanics






Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) provide unprecidented spatial resolution and the ability to probe the local electrical, magnetic, mechanical properties. In our laboratory we are carrying out measurements of in-plane deformation in situ under an AFM. High-resolution AFM images of specimen surface, subjected to macroscale stress, are processed with Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to resolve local fields. We develop mechanical testing stages to apply load to thin film and macroscale specimens while imaging with an AFM to study mechanical deformation in polycrystallin materials at differnt length scales, Figure (a), apply inverse solutions utilizing 2D full-field deformation measurements to extract mechanical properties from non-uniform specim geometries, Figure (b), or study incremental crack grown in heterogeneous materials, Figure (c). Of special interest is the study of local deformation in heterogeneous materials such as nanocomposites.




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